Jan 24, 2021 • 1HR 59M


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The League of Lensgrinders is a podcast about creativity, writing, being a person, and making art. Each episode features a lively discussion of Very Important Topics, and topics that don’t matter at all, in a gothic mansion next to a roaring fire.
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Meeting Minutes 

January 21, 2021 - Topic: Comics

1 hour 58 minutes

Members Present: James Foreman (co-chair), Evelyn Pryce (co-chair), Robert Foreman(co-chair); new member Marcel Lamont Walker inducted (Lensgrinder 009).

Lensgrinder 00009 Marcel

Chair Check-Ins

  • A reading from the Great Gatsby

  • Lensgrinder 00009 Marcel Lamont Walker https://www.marcelwalker.com

  • Rob’s Void 

  • Marcel Watches History

  • Vaping in the rotunda

  • The “Insurrection”

  • Marcel’s Origin Story

  • Pittsburgh Comicon

  • Smoking Guns by M.L. Walker https://www.thisawfulawesomelife.com/home/2017/11/5/qa-with-pittsburghs-own-marcel-lamont-walker-by-fran-joyce

  • Hate Your Friends by EV

  • Hero Corp International https://www.marcelwalker.com/hero-corp-international

  • teaching art on zoom

  • Rob’s teaching experiences

  • Comics are literature

  • “The best language arts class”

  • Being a critical reader

  • Marcel’s Process

  • Chutz-Pow Volume 4